Cindy Hyde-Smith


2020 Score:


Title Description Club Position Rep. Position
HR3055 HR3055: Amdt #1019 - Applied the Penny Plan to the bill, reduces spending by 2 percent Y N
HR3877 HR3877: Increases spending by $326 billion and suspends the debt limit through August 2021 N Y
SJR8 SJRes8: Green New Deal that would greatly expand government N N
HJR31 HJRes31: Budget busting spending bill that continues trillion-dollar deficits N Y
SR378 SRes378: Sponsorship of resolution forcing a vote on whether to open an impeachment inquiry Y Y
PN1099 PN1099: Nomination of Eugene Scalia to be Secretary of Labor Y Y
2018 62%
Title Description Club Position Rep. Position
S.J.Res. 64 CRA disapproval of IRS rule to prevent C4 donors from being made public N N
H.R. 2 Farm bill - conference report with no meaningful reforms N Y
S.J.Res. 63 CRA disapproval of short-term health insurance plans that alleviate pain caused by Obamacare N N
P.N.2259 Confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court Y Y
H.R. 6157 Bad omnibus bill + CR through Dec. 7, 2018 N Y
H.R. 6147 Allow DC to enforce individual mandate for Obamacare N N
S. 1182 Extend the National Flood Insurance Program N Y
H.R. 6147 Reduce spending by 11.39% Y N
H.R. 5895 Corker motion that final language says Congress has a role regarding tariffs and national security Y N
H.R. 5895 Motion to kill amendment that would void EPA rule regarding Waters of the U.S. N N
H.R. 3 Trump's $14.8 billion rescission bill Y Y
H.R. 5515 MTP to Toomey amdt that would require congressional approval of CFIUS regulations Y Y
S.Con.Res. 36 Rand Paul's substitute budget Y N
H.R. 1625 FY18 Omnibus through Sept 30, 2018 N A
H.R. 1892 FY18 Omnibus through March 23, 2018, busts spending caps, suspends the debt ceiling N A

Y = Yes Vote    N = No Vote    A = Absent for Vote