Eric Massa


2009 Score:


2009 28%
Title Description Club Position Rep. Position
HR 1321 Y N
NTU Grade Points Y N
NOT a Spondor of Anti-Trade Bills Y N
RePork Card Y N
H R 2847 Pass Second "Stimulus" Spending Bill N Y
H R 4173 Strike Small Company Exemption to Sarbanes-Oxley N Y
H R 4173 Pass Misguided Regulations of Financial Sector N N
H R 3288 Pass Bloated 2010 Spending Bill N Y
H R 3961 Pass Doc "Fix" N Y
H R 3548 Extend Unemployment Benefits N Y
H R 12 Paycheck Torts N Y
H RES 806 Create Travel Promotion Office N Y
H R 3962 Pass ObamaCare N N
H R 1106 Mortgage Cramdown N N
H R 3639 New Credit Card Regulations N Y
H R 2 Expand Gov't Run Health Care N Y
H R 4154 Repeal Death Tax N Y
H R 4154 Keep Death Tax N Y
H CON RES Republican Study Committee Budget Alternative Y N
H CON RES Pass Bloated 2010 Budget Resolution N Y
H R 3435 Cash for Clunkers N Y
H R 2920 Spending Limit Y N
H R 2454 Pass Cap and Trade N N
H R 1262 Limit Davis Bacon Y N
H R 1105 Pass Bloated 2009 Spending Bill N Y
H R 1 Pass "Stimulus" Spending Bill N Y
H R 1 Strike Stimulus Spending Y N
H R 384 Repeal & Repay TARP Y N

Y = Yes Vote    N = No Vote    A = Absent for Vote